About BASoL

The Bay Area SoL Community (BASoL) is made up of a diverse group of practitioners, consultants and researchers dedicated to improving our knowledge and effectiveness in practicing organizational and societal learning.

Our meetings are open to anyone interested in organizational and societal learning.

Our membership ranks include novices, seasoned professionals and those in the middle.

Some of our members work independently, some work in small non-profits, some work in global corporations, some work in education, and some work in government, some are just starting out, and some are retired.

All are welcome.

Sometimes we attend as representatives of our organizations, and sometimes we come as individuals speaking just for ourselves.

Our purpose is to study, share, and practice learning principles in the fields of organizational change, social and environmental sustainability, and educational transformation – while consciously developing our individual ability to embody and reflect our values of trust, respect, compassion, and free expression.

You are warmly invited to attend a meeting or two, submit a proposal to present and, if you feel it is a good fit for you, to become a member.

We look forward to seeing you,

The BASoL Stewards:

Alain Gauthier     Claudine Fiebusch       Jim Martin       Ken Homer       Mari Pearman      Manuel Manga

BASoL site created and maintained by Ken Homer, with many thanks to wordpress.com.

Photo credit – Bay Bridge by Diane Fischler – used with permission

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